NTTB Rumblings – 02 Nov 2017


This whole “two games in a week” thing is for the birds. Can we go back to having 3 or 4 games in a week?

Jeremy Lambert (Thunderous Intentions) on the tired narrative that Westbrook can’t play with other: “The pre-determined narrative that “Westbrook can’t play with others” based on the Thunder not winning a title and Kevin Durant leaving for Golden State is already tired. Oladipo underperformed last year in a role that he wasn’t ready for. He was brought in to be the scorer off the bench for the Westbrook-Durant duo. Durant left, putting Oladipo in a starting role. Oladipo’s shooting numbers were up from his time in Orlando and his scoring average was .1 worse. He didn’t have a bad offensive season. He just didn’t have the kind of offensive season that you would want the number 2 guard on a playoff team to have.”

Jack Maloney (CBS Sports) on the impact Raymond Felton is having on the Thunder: “When our team needs movement and cutting, he [Felton] creates that. When he needs to settle ’em down, he settles ’em down. He’s done a really, really good job from day one coming in, just with his presence,” Thunder head coach Billy Donovan said at shootaround the morning before Felton finished with nine points and six rebounds in 19 minutes to help OKC get an emphatic 110-91 victory on the road over the Milwaukee Bucks. “Whether it’s dead balls or free throws, coming out of timeouts, on the court, he does a really good job. He’s got such a good feel for the game. He’s a smart player, he’s got a high IQ. He can get things organized out there.”

Want to help the Thunder help the community? Here’s how you can be a part of that. 

A South Dakota couple, who’s baby was born 17 weeks early, would like Russell Westbrook to visit their baby in the hospital: “Noah’s main doctor is a big Oklahoma City Thunder fan, and Noah was selected to be the Russell Westbrook of the NICU. Westbrook is a star guard for the Thunder and the NBA’s reigning MVP. Tolsma posted to Facebook a photo of Noah in a Thunder jersey next to a photo of Westbrook, asking for a little help in getting a visit from the six-time All-Star. The post has since gone viral, with more than 2,000 shares and 3,100 likes since Sunday evening.”

The Thunder players share which emoji they use the most.

Erik Horne (NewsOK) on the three things the Thunder are doing correctly on offense through 7 games: “On possibly the Thunder’s most aesthetically pleasing possession of Tuesday night, Adams finished with a floater and four Thunder players touched the ball. All five were moving.”

Brett Dawson (NewsOK) on how Westbrook may get an assist on his day off: “As part of a standard review procedure, the NBA on Wednesday planned to take a look at an apparent Westbrook assist that was not credited in the Thunder’s 110-91 win against the Bucks on Tuesday in Milwaukee, a league source told The Oklahoman.”

The Ersan Ilyasova Traded Player Exception (TPE) worth $4.9 million has expired. In other news, water is wet.

Gregg Doyel (Indianapolis Star) with some common sense in regards to looking back at the Paul George trade: “Nobody lost the Paul George trade. Not if everybody won it. Everybody won, and this isn’t one of those topics where we really ought to wait before making such a strong declaration. Maybe you were already on board with what we’re about to discuss, and if so, good on ya. But where were you when I needed you on June 30, when the Pacers sent Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis, and I declared the Pacers a loser? Wrote that the Pacers were “fleeced.” Wrote that it was bound to happen, that Paul George had put Pacers president Kevin Pritchard in a no-win situation, but that the Pacers were fleeced even worse than necessary.”

Congrats are in order for Paul George on what appears to be the birth of his 2nd daughter.

Berry Tramel (NewsOK) on Steven Adams leading the league in dunks per game: “It’s the people we have on the floor,” Adams said. “It puts the defense in a really tough bind. Either they give up a 3, closing out to a really good player, or they’re giving up a dunk. It’s tough in that situation. Also you have him (Westbrook) attracting a lot of attention as well, coming down. “It’s easy on my end, put it that way.”

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