Daily Thunder Rumblings – 28 Sept 2017


I asked Carmelo Anthony a question on the lack of media coverage on Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria and this is his response (around 11:37 on the video). I urge my readers, whatever you can donate or give, please do. There 3.5 million AMERICANS that need your assistance on the island.

Vince Ellis (Detroit Free Press) on Reggie Jackson foreseeing the Paul George trade happening: “George and Jackson are good friends and share an agent in Aaron Mintz, who told both that the Thunder was a team to watch in the George sweepstakes. “We were actually on the video game when a few destinations popped up. I remember just joking with him, ‘There’s a sleeper in there,’ ” Jackson said. “Our agent kind of called it and he ended up there.”

Colin McGowan (RealGM) doesn’t really have a positive outlook on the Thunder, but his writing style is crazy enough for me: “By mid-March of last season, Westbrook had settled all his personal scores, the scores of his mother’s side of the family tree going back five generations, and several scores Billy Donovan had explicitly asked him not to settle. That was for the way they did Haldeman! he called out, presumably communing with Nixon’s ghost, after taking the ball coast-to-coast and finishing at the rim in the third quarter of an ordinary Tuesday night victory over the Pelicans. Russ was furious for eight-six games, and it was beautiful at times but also grindingly unpleasant in its totality. Tuning into Thunder games last year was like stepping into a universe where all music was the guitar solo from “Maggot Brain.”

Nick Wright of Fox Sports likes the moves the Thunder have made.

Royce Young (ESPN) on how Billy Donovan is feeling after his mentor, Rick Pitino, was essentially fired for his involvement in the bribery and fraud scandal: “I feel bad,” Donovan said. “I wouldn’t be standing where I am today without Coach Pitino, the investment he made in my life. I think the values and things that he taught me — I haven’t spoken to him. I don’t know all the things that are going on there, but him being a college coach and then working for him for five years, we’ve always remained very close, and I feel bad for all he’s dealing with and Louisville is dealing with right now.”

Nick Gallo (OKCThunder.com) talks to Paul George on the second day of training camp: “Really what this has been about is getting familiarized with one another, putting structure into the team, with offense and with defense. And then it was just building chemistry,” George said. “Russ has opened his arms completely to where myself and Melo feel very comfortable,” George continued. “It’s not our job to try to outshine one another. If we’re gonna do this thing, we got to do it together.”

Brett Dawson (NewsOK) looks at Paul George becoming a leader on the Thunder: “But already, he’s putting down roots on his new roster and a stamp on his new situation. That’s why George – still an OKC short-timer – was so comfortable making a pitch for Carmelo Anthony to waive his no-trade clause and accept a move to the Thunder. It’s why he was politicking for Dwyane Wade to get in on the fun before Wade chose to sign with Cleveland.”

Scott Rafferty (Sporting News) with a great breakdown on how Carmelo Anthony will help the Thunder offense: “The latter is perhaps the main reason the Thunder felt compelled to trade for Anthony because it gives him the tools to thrive in a secondary or tertiary role. While he ranked in the 64.3 percentile with 1.00 points per spot-up possession in 2015-16, Anthony ranked in the 93.8 percentile with 1.23 points per spot-up possession in 2016-17.”


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