Daily Thunder Rumblings – 26 Sept 2017


Royce Young (ESPN) on Russell Westbrook and Paul George being extremely important in Carmelo Anthony’s decision to join the Thunder: “News of the trade broke on Saturday. The deal became official Monday, with the Thunder sending Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott to the New York Knicks in return. Anthony spent 6½ seasons in New York. After then-team president Phil Jackson publicly announced in March his desire to trade the 10-time All-Star, the relationship with the front office deteriorated, culminating in Anthony’s trade.”

Sam Amick (USA Today) on Paul George’s feelings for the Thunder after making the Carmelo Anthony trade: “Just hours before on a sleepy Saturday morning, right about the time George and Olivia were working their way around the local lakes, the Thunder pulled off a blockbuster trade by landing 10-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony and surely upped their odds of retaining George and fellow co-star/Southern California native Russell Westbrook in the process. Yet in the George household, a three-story beauty where poles and tackle are strewn about the living room and his closest family and friends are visiting in the kitchen, George is too focused on fishing to worry about free agency just yet.”

Howie Kussoy (New York Post) on Anthony being an opportunity the Thunder could not pass up: “When Carmelo Anthony became available, Presti only saw one avenue: A deal must get done. “It was an incredible opportunity for us and a rare one to add a player like this,” Presti said during Monday’s press conference. “Obviously it doesn’t come around very often that a 10-time All-Star is available, and it’s unique in the sense with the clause in his contract that he could choose the place he could go.”

Westbrook made a reporter so nervous, he took the L and skipped his question. (Funny story: the guy that did was sitting right next to me. It was hard to be empathetic and not laugh at the same time. Awesome moment)

Steven Adams bringing the humor to Media Day….as expected.

Royce Young on how the acquisition of Anthony makes the Thunder whole again: “At the heart of this was Russell Westbrook’s decision to plant his flag in OKC by signing an extension last summer. Without that, there’s no Paul George trade in June, and no Anthony trade on Saturday. And Westbrook’s future remains the final carrot in what has been a blockbuster offseason in OKC, with a $207 million supermax extension hanging in the wind for the reigning MVP to sign. With a deadline of Oct. 16 to get it done, the Thunder open training camp next week waiting for an answer. But that resolution could come sooner than later, and should Westbrook take the deal, the Thunder will take what’s been a remarkable run of sustained success and transition it into a whole new era.”

Westbrook’s shoes during media day.

This is the question that I asked to Carmelo Anthony about Puerto Rico. Being Puerto Rican myself and seeing the lack of media coverage after the island was devastated, I asked Anthony (who is half Puerto Rican) about this. Here was his response: “I’ve started kind of a ‘YouCaring’ page…just trying to raise the funds to kind of bring Puerto Rico back and help Puerto Rico by any means necessary,” Anthony said at his first Thunder news conference. “I’m committed to my island, to help everything. I’m talking to the government officials down there. I’m talking to all these organizations, just trying to figure everything out. I don’t want to just do something just to do it. I want it to be meaningful. I want the people to feel impacted by what I’m trying to do, what I’m trying to create. “I’m committed, and I call on everybody…to not overlook Puerto Rico, because there are so many things going on in the world today, in our country today. And at the end of the day, Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, so we can not overlook that island. I challenge the powers that be, the President of the United States, to not overlook Puerto Rico. Don’t overlook our Puerto Ricans. We need all the help that we can get.”

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