Daily Thunder Rumblings – 07 September 2017


This season should be a bit of a resurgence for Steven Adams: “Number one, spacing should NOT be an issue this year. Patterson is considered the ultimate addition not because of his ability to score or convert, but instead, how he will be Westbrook and George’s ultimate pocket tool to create space and offensive opportunities. With that in mind, the constant fear of lack of space and depth for Westbrook to succeed shouldn’t be on Adams’ mind, allowing him to attack the rim, snatch balls away, and be the monster of a player he was born to be.”

Back to things that really matter: Patrick Patterson wants you to choose who has the best dog between he and a few of his former teammates. 

Westbrook’s fashion book features DJ Khaled and Victor Cruz: “In the book, the player and other notable figures, including DJ Khaled and Victor Cruz, speak at length about Westbrook’s foray into the fashion industry, discussing what it was like to create a capsule collection with Barney’s New York, a collaboration with the Jordan brand and even a charity-centric collection with King & Jaxs to raise money for his Why Not? Foundation.”

Also, P-Pat is feeling a little sad with the lack of mail he’s receiving at Thunder headquarters.

Great article by Scott Rafferty of The StepBack on how Paul George can help Russell Westbrook become more of an off the ball threat: “For the Thunder to reach their full potential, though, Westbrook will have to make some sacrifices following a season in which he had free rein offensively. Although over half of George’s baskets last season were assisted, he’s one of the league’s best at scoring in the pick-and-roll (92.3 percentile) and isolation (72.5 percentile). He isn’t necessarily good enough in those situations to carry a team offensively all by himself like Westbrook and Durant are, but he is good enough to warrant the sort of touches that will force Westbrook to become more of an off-ball presence.”

Does the NBA have a tampering problem? Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated discuss: “For one example, C.J. McCollum is tweeting out photos of Carmelo Anthony in a Blazers jersey. Can you imagine what color David Stern’s face had turned if that happened in the Stern Era? He would have lost his mind. All the players recruiting players openly on the Internet, yet there’s no response from Adam Silver’s office. To me, they have to tighten this up. They really need to figure this out. I don’t know if there needs to be new guidelines to say, ‘This is OK, this isn’t OK,’ but I don’t think players should be able to recruit each other openly on social media. I think that just feeds into this.”

Former Thunder guard Derek Fisher will be one of the contestants on the new season of Dancing With The Stars.

Nick Gallo on Semaj Christon and staying ready for any opportunity: “Heading into 2017-18, Christon’s role is uncertain. Westbrook will of course get the lion’s share of minutes while longtime NBA vet Raymond Felton will likely be slotted into the backup point guard role. As Christon learned first-hand last season, however, and with the way the NBA is trending smaller, he’ll be ready for any potential role. Fortunately, he’s had Westbrook as a mentor over the past few years. The duo of under-recruited, big, physical point guards have grown fond of one another, and Christon has tried to soak up as much of the perennial All-Star’s wisdom as possible. One of the most crucial lessons has been how to channel the passion in the heat of battle, but also to set the tone for the other four players on the floor.”

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