Daily Thunder Rumblings – 20 July 2017


We’re almost there. Just under 90 days until the NBA season starts. Here is Thursday’s edition of DTR…

Steven Adams spoke to two reporters in the Philippines. Some good things came out of that 10 minute interview.

Enes Kanter seriously thought Rudy Gay had signed with the Thunder when he put out that ill-timed tweet. He’s had a heck of a summer: “After making it back to the United States, he blew the lid off Rudy Gay’s free agency visit to Oklahoma City by tweeting a photo of Gay’s nameplate on a locker in the Thunder’s practice facility. Of course, Kanter laughs about it now. “I seriously thought he signed with us, but they just didn’t say it publicly,” Kanter told The Oklahoman Tuesday from New York City. “After I saw he signed with the Spurs, I was like, ‘man I need to get a new source.’”

Jenni Carlson ranks the Thunder’s alternate jerseys. 

In case you were wondering, Durant’s return to Oklahoma City was most watched regular season game last season: “According to sportsmediawatch.com, Feb. 11th’s Thunder-Warriors matchup was watched by 6.04 million viewers, which makes it the 12th most-watched NBA game of 2017. The only NBA games that drew more viewers than Durant’s return to Oklahoma City were postseason games or the NBA All-Star Game.”

Paul George was asked to predict his 2K rating for the next installment of the game. Then he was given his true rating. Let’s just say George has a pretty realistic view of himself.

Russell Westbrook wore a shirt that had a purpose to SI’s Fashionable 50 event in Los Angeles: “Russell Westbrook, newly minted 2017 NBA Style Award winner, has bestowed upon us an entirely new way to show off your hard-earned summer muscles—and you can do it wearing multiple layers. Step one: Bring clothes to the brink of disintegration. Step two: Wear them with sunglasses.”

Apparently, the Cavaliers were really close in getting Paul George: “According to Adrian Wojnarowski, on ESPN’s The Jump, Cleveland was very close to acquiring George at one point before NBA free agency began. A deal was in place and all that was left was to finish out a few of the extra details. However, before the deal could be finalized the Pacers pulled out on the offer, leaving the Cavs without their new star.”

Steven Adams is ready to play for his home country team, the Tall Blacks: “It won’t be this year, but Steven Adams has given a strong indication he might be ready to finally end his Tall Blacks exile. Adams offered the tantalising titbit during a promotional NBA visit to the Philippines when reporters inquired of his future international intentions. “When the time is right, I will be definitely suiting up. You will see me,” Adams said during a media appearance in Manila.”

Russell Westbrook loves his 90’s music.

Fred Katz looks at the Thunder’s defensive versatility: “It’s why teams are stockpiling multifaceted defensive weapons. “A lot of versatility in there,” Roberson said. Houston landed Paul, maybe the NBA’s best defensive point guard. It held onto Trevor Ariza, who certainly fits the Roberson mold. It signed hybrid forwards P.J. Tucker and Luc Mbah a Moute, as well. The Rockets could end up using positionless lineups with the 6-foot-8 Mbah a Moute and Ariza doubling as their tallest players on the floor. And that’s where George and others come into play for OKC. George can guard 3s and 4s. He can switch onto others. Roberson showed last season he can defend 1s, 2s, 3s and even perimeter-oriented 4s. The newly signed Patrick Patterson can play the 4 (or the 5 for short stretches if the team isn’t too worried about rebounding) and has proven he can switch onto wings in desperate pick-and-roll situations.”


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