Daily Thunder Rumblings – 10 July 2017

The beginning of another week. Hope your Monday goes great. Here’s today’s edition of DTR.

Erik Horne looks at where Paul George is from (not LA), and looks at how that might affect his future decisions: “George isn’t technically from Los Angeles. Drive an hour north of L.A. through the San Gabriel Mountains and you’ll roll into the high desert of Palmdale and its 154,000 residents. It’s where George sprouted from 6-foot-1 as a freshman to 6-foot-8 in his final days at Pete Knight High School. It’s where George was called “Paul Paul” long before he was PG-13.”

The tipping ordeal for Andre Roberson was met with some friendly ribbing from teammates Steven Adams and Enes Kanter.

James Harden signed the biggest contract in NBA history on Saturday. Westbrook’s could be higher if he signs it: “In addition to Westbrook’s $28.5 million salary in 2017-18, he’d receive an estimated $207 million over the length of the extension (until the 2022-23 season), which would amount to more than $235 million – and an average salary of $39.2 million, which would be a U.S. professional sports record. Like Harden’s annual salary, Westbrook’s is subject to change based on future salary cap projections.”

Ananth Pandian of Uproxx writes about why the Paul George trade was a necessary risk: “The Thunder though, are willing to take this risk with George. Mainly because he is Paul freaking George, one of the best players in the league. And Oklahoma City believes that by pairing George with a MVP in Russell Westbrook, his mind could change and he might want to re-sign with the Thunder. This line of thinking also applies to Westbrook as he is also a free-agent next summer, and the addition of George shows him how serious the Thunder are about continually getting better.”

Fred Katz looks at the court that made Westbrook: “The gym holds three courts outlined with big, blue curtains that cover massive windows. There are four entrances. It’s often quiet, except for when stragglers drop by to watch visiting NBA players over the summers. There’s one main entrance on the side of the court. If someone comes in and guys are playing, they’ll run right onto the floor. So, people scurry around to a little place between the baseline and wall where they can pack in and watch.”

NASCAR driver Landon Cassill, who is sponsored by Love’s, honored the current MVP on his car.

Tulsa showed Westbrook some love at the Big 3 game at the BOK Center: “As soon as Russell Westbrook started walking toward his courtside seat at the BIG3 3-on-3 professional league Sunday, the crowd at the BOK Center roared with approval. “Russ is here,” NBA Hall of Famer and Ghost Ballers coach George Gervin said later in the bowels of the BOK Center. “I heard it.”

Allen  Iverson says Russell Westbrook is his favorite player.

How the pace and space NBA forced the Thunder to adapt: “Barely a year has passed since Kevin Durant took his talents to the bay and left the city of Oklahoma smoldering in his wake. Rather than curl up in a corner and weep, the team and organization responded with force. Russell Westbrook, the Thunder’s lone remaining superstar from the quartet that reached the NBA finals in 2012, rampaged to his first league MVP. Sam Presti, long-maligned in the national press for the ill-fated and never-to-be-forgotten James Harden trade, has put on a clinic in front-office maneuvering.”

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