Andre Roberson, Employee of the Month

andre roberson thunder

When I heard that Thunder rookie Andre Roberson had agreed to collect only 80% of his first year salary, I thought he was crazy. I mean, he’s a professional athlete coming into his first year in the league. There are a myriad of things that can happen from here on out that can affect his playing future. He could go outside to get the mail and get hit by a passerby on a bike. He could completely shred his knee playing two hand touch football on the beach. You get the picture. My thinking is that, as an athlete, you better optimize any opportunity you have to make money because nothing is guaranteed past the first two years of your contract (if you are a first round pick). So for Roberson to leave up to 40% of his salary on the table (a rookie can receive up to 120% of his possible salary), is quite arbitrary to the ethos of professional athletes.

But then I went into a my local Staples, and it all made sense to me…


Many athletes go the length of their careers without having a back-up plan. But for Roberson, the NBA is his back-up plan. The man is already vested at Staples. That was easy.

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