Happy Unveilings










There are only a couple of days in a year that I look forward to other than holidays and familial events. They are the opening days for both the NBA and college football, the opening 2 days of the NBA playoffs, the NBA draft, and the unveiling of the NBA schedule. Out of all of those, my favorite is definitely the unveiling of that upcoming season’s schedule.

It’s a day full of hope. No matter how bad your team is, the possibilities are endless when that schedule first comes out. On that day, every team in the league is 0-0. Your team’s best player is out for the upcoming season with a torn ACL. Well, guess what? Your team and the world champion Dallas Mavericks are still tied in the standings with 0 wins and 0 losses. Your team’s leading rebounder just got popped for his third DUI. No worries. He and Derrick Rose both have the same amount of MVP votes for the following season. No matter the situation, when that schedule comes out, a real fan will find some optimism in their team’s future.

It’s a day full of organization and planning. You can finally organize your October through April schedule with your job and with your personal CEO/CFO (aka significant other). You can finally schedule what days you’re going to use your sick voice on the phone. This day is actually known to decrease stress and anxiety because it brings a lot of clarity to peoples’ lives. This is the only day of the year where the usage of anti-depressant goes down.

Disclaimer: 0 out of 5 doctors advised me of that last statement, but they did recommend Colgate.

It’s a day full of giving and receiving. You can finally call your friends and advise them that tickets for the Christmas/New Years/MLK/ Valentine’s Day games are available because your significant CEO/CFO wants you to spend more time with them on that specific day. And no, this is not a microcosm of my life. <– (she made me write this). You can make someone else’s day (and your wallet’s day) by selling your tickets on Ebay or Stubhub. Whether you give your tickets away or sell them, it is like Christmas for your soul.

This year, it’ll be a day full of thankfulness. Regardless of how you feel about how the two sides arrived at their decision to end the lockout, the fact that we actually get to see some basketball in 2011, is a bit of a “Christmas Miracle”. Sixty-six games is a whole lot better than 0 games, especially in the doldrums of February through September (sorry, baseball fans).

What’s better than a day full of hope, organization, thankfulness, and selflessness? In my opinion, nothing. So on December 6th, gather your family around the laptop or Ipad, go to your team’s website, and go crazy finding out who your team plays on February 19th. It may be nobody, but you can pretty much guarantee that they will be playing someone the next day or the day after that. Welcome back NBA! This is your unveiling.

2 thoughts on “Happy Unveilings

  1. I love this day as well. It gives me a chance to see if I can string together some NBA games for extra vacation time. I like to see how many teams that play in a close geographical range have games close to each other on the schedule and then I go from town to town. It’s awesome!

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